The story of
Getting Scrubbed


Here at Scrub central, we’re just like everybody else, blessed with an array of wonderful skin issues. 

We must remember that we’re all perfectly unique, both inside and out. Some of us may have extremely dry skin, some may be sensitive, you may be a little bit of a combination beauty, others may be prone to redness and rosia or you might spend an infinite amount of time battling cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis and eczema, to no avail. 

Drug store, over the counter and prescribed products don’t always hit the spot and in some cases irritate the skin condition even more. With this happening to us, we decided to turn back to mother nature and all her wonderful ailments.

The dry red rosea soon faded away, no longer was there a sprinkling of snow like skin which flew off the shins at the end of the day. The sore and flaky psoriasis soon calmed and became much more comfortable. Also the added benefit of not having the fart about moisturising once out the shower was a delight!
Overall, our skin is now as soft as a peach, pain free and glowing!

So we wanted to share our natural and sumptuously nourishing skin loving scrubs and body products with you all and hopefully you can worry a little less on your body and focus a lot more on you!

Regular little scrubs will go an awful long way.


Let nature nurture you, Get Scrubbed